2012 City Mini GT Stroller Review

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2012 City Mini GT Stroller – Green/Grey
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If you’ve been living under a rock then you might not have realized that Baby Jogger introduced this winter a brand new stroller to their City Stroller lineup. The City Mini GT stroller, introduced in the winter of 2012 is like a marriage between the City Mini stroller and the City Select stroller leaving a parent with an exceptionally well built stroller that is more versatile and upgraded then the original City Mini but smaller and less expensive than the City Select.

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Who The City Mini GT Is Designed For

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of the GT and what makes it tick lets first go over who their stroller is designed for and why they may want it over the other Baby Jogger strollers.

The GT Is Perfect For Parents Who Want:

  • A Full-Sized Stroller
  • A Lightweight Stroller
  • A Stroller That Folds Easily
  • A Stroller That Folds Small
  • An Everyday Use Stroller
  • An All-Terrain Stroller
  • A Stroller Of The Highest Quality
  • A Stroller That Isn’t Too Expensive

I am personally a prime example of who this stroller is designed for. I am a parent of a one child who is approaching one year old. My wife and I have limited space and a budget that doesn’t allow us to buy extravagant strollers but we are not restricted financially to the bottom rung either. We require ease of use in a stroller, a small and easy folding system for storage, and a lightweight frame because really, who wants a heavy stroller.

Currently we own the 2011 City Mini stroller and we love it but the stroller is lacking some features like adjustable handlebars for my comfort – I have long legs and arms at 6’-1”. It also lacks the ability to go off road and that’s big in my book. It’s not like I do a lot of hiking but I seriously can’t take the Mini off pavement at all.

The GT is designed for me in that it is off-road capable but not a full blown hiking or jogging stroller. I know I like hiking and jogging from time to time and the GT would be much better for that. Of course if I did jog frequently then I’d have to find something more appropriate. The Jogging Stroller Online blog is one good site that can help narrow down what you are looking for to help you run a bit easier.

City Mini GT vs The City Mini Single Stroller

If you’re already sold on buying the GT City Mini then just go for it. The City Mini GT release date is March 15, 2012 so your long wait is over. For those researching the GT then this section is important. The regular City Mini 2012 was upgraded over the well received and award winning 2011 model in a few key areas:

  • The under seat storage basket was redesigned to give a parent easier access to it as well as provide a larger opening for storage of larger items like diaper bags.
  • The seat for the child was redesigned to add extra cushion which gives any little rider a more pleasant experience.
  • The foot brake from the older model strollers has been moved to the handlebar giving you more stability when parking the stroller.
  • The 2012 City Mini added a automatic latch which locks the stroller in folded position when folded. This feature can be “tuned off” if you don’t want it but it is a feature that wasn’t present on the 2011 model.

In addition to color differences the GT stroller incorporates all of these feature enhancements and then some. The GT stroller includes other upgrades such as:

Don’t need the extra features?
The regular 2012 City Mini Stroller is roughly $100 cheaper than the GT.
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  • An adjustable handlebar which rotates to the comfort of the parent.
  • A larger, forever-filled, tire which makes the stroller better able to go off pavement and gives your baby a smoother ride akin to a standard air filled wheel.
  • Seat measurements which accommodate the needs of larger toddlers. The seat back allows for 3 inches of additional head clearance, and the seat and leg area provide room for longer legs without hindering the comfort of a small baby.

As expected both versions remain just as easily foldable. The one-handed, one movement fold is still simply awesome. Additionally the seat still reclines on both models to a near-flat position making the stroller work for sleepers.

Best Price City Mini GT Stroller

For now the prices for the Baby Jogger GT stroller are going to be fairly consistent in the $349 dollar vicinity. The stroller is released at this price and with the initial buzz surrounding the new model and the lack of used items on the resale market you will be hard pressed to find a GT Mini stroller selling for much less than this.

Ebay may be a good bet for finding the occasional discounted stroller for sale at first while Amazon is notorious for selling items at a discount to retail prices. You can see the Amazon page for the City Mini GT stroller here to get a look at what they are selling the stroller for today. If you wait a bit you may be able to catch a promotional sale – who knows.

As the months pass however new release strollers begin to lose their buzz and sales start hitting so if you are looking for a good deal then you are likely going to have to wait a bit. If seasonal patterns are any indication Christmas/Winter 2012 may be a good time to find a new City Mini GT stroller on sale as the next model year will only be months away at that time.

Where To Buy City Mini GT Strollers

In addition to the above online stores mentioned, there are boutique stores like Pish Posh Baby selling this stroller among many others as well as many traditional retail establishments. Big Box stores and specialty stores like Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and many others are good places to go to see this stroller in person before buying.

Things to keep in mind are that the smaller the specialty store the less likely the GT will be in stock and the more general the big box store is the less likely they’ll carry the GT – it is after all a specialty stroller that runs a bit more expensive than the average customer is willing to pay.

In my opinion buying from online retailers or small boutiques is the way to go. Online retailers can typically offer free shipping, discount codes, and/or rebates giving you better prices while boutiques can give you the customer service you may need for a major purchase like this. Boutiques also give you the feel good feeling of supporting a small independent retailer in your neighborhood. If you are considering the online option make sure to get an account with eBates to take advantage of cash back for online shopping.

The full retail MSRP for this stroller is $349 but for accurate pricing you’ll have to look for yourself.

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